Custom made choke tubes and springs for your Cowboy Action Shotguns

Get 'em here, folks, because you probably won't find them anywhere else... My custom made choke tubes for your Stoeger Shotguns are only $23 each plus shipping. And, in addition, I've got custom made hammer springs and lever springs for Stoeger, and Browning BSS Shotguns, $10 each, plus shipping. Also, check out my Titanium Firing Pin Kit (includes Hammer Spring) for Winchester Model 12, 12 ga Shotgun $54.95 and my Magazine Spring and Follower Kit for Winchester Model 12 $34.95.

NEW for 2014 - Now available - Shotguns for Mounted Shooting, and Custom Action Jobs on Rifles and Pistols.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have 40 years experience in custom action jobs on competition guns. I specialize in:

* Cowboy Action
Side-by-Side Shotguns
*Colt SAA pistols & all clones
*Ruger SA pistols
*Marlin Lever Action Rifles
*Winchester Lever Action Rifles & Clones
*NRA Long Range Cowboy Silhouette Rifles


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I provide cowboy action shooters with my complete 8-point custom action job on their side-by-side shotguns.

*Recut barrel and install new front bead*

*Polish the chambers*

*Refit barrel lugs to receiver*

*Recut barrel face for easy loading*

*Open angle of barrel to receiver for faster reolads*

*Refit top lever and tune top lever spring for faster 2-shot strings*

*Re-adjust safety for cowboy action shooting*

*Refit and hone all internal parts and replace springs*

Price for a complete 8-point custom action job on your

Stoeger $165

Browning BSS S/S  $250

SKB  $250

Lengthen forcing cones on SXS  $80

Install Kick-Eez recoil pads to your length of pull $85

Mechanical Trigger conversion on SKB Shotguns $100 

Install screw-in chokes - price on request

Contact me for prices on all guns in my current inventory-

Browning BSS, SKB, Model 100, Model 200E, Stoeger SXS and Winchester Shotguns

Complete 8 Point Action Job on 
Winchester Model 12 Shotguns

*Recut Barrel and install new front bead*

*Hone & polish barrel & chamber*

*Hone & polish magazine*

*Tune the ejector*

*Tune the extractors*

*Install Titanium Firing Pin Kit &

Magazine Spring and Follower Kit*

*Polish and refit internal parts*

*Straighten slide rod and lighten action*

Complete 8-Point Custom Action Job 

on your Winchester Model 12 Shotgun  $265

Recut barrel and install new front bead only  $50

Lengthen forcing cones only  $50
Get ahold of me for all your cowboy action gunsmithing.

My turn-around time on action jobs is 4 weeks.

My shipping address for UPS, USPS and FedEx is:

Fred Bursey, Jr.

Goatneck Gunsmithing
1525 Boaz Rd
Haslet, Texas 76052

Goatneck Clem
Cowboy action shotguns
in my current inventory.

I handle your cowboy action shotguns for installation of
Ken Rucker's Old West-Buster (TM)
Special Cowboy Action Recoil Reduction System
Click HERE to see how it lessens recoil and 
allows you a faster second shot to improve your time

I also provide a 7-point custom action job on single action revolvers:

*Set timing and retune*
*Open forcing cone to 11 degrees*
*Install custom competition springs*
*Square barrel face*
*Set trigger pull to 2 1/2 lbs or customer request*
*Polish and refit all internal parts*
*Check cylinder gap and headspace*

Complete job on all single action revolvers $135

Adjust point of aim $25

And let's not forget the lever action rifles-
Original Marlins and Winchesters
Marlin Model 94s
Winchester Model 73s, 92s, 94s & 86s
All Lever Action clones

Complete custom action job on all lever action rifles
Starting at $145

Custom trigger jobs on NRA Cowboy Long Range Silhouette Rifles - Trigger job $75
These services adapt your Wild Bunch 1911 and clones
to Traditional and Modern class competition.

My 8-Point Wild Bunch Package for
Colt 1911s and clones:

*Polish feed ramp*
*Throating the barrel*
*Tune the extractor*
*Tune the ejector*
*Tuning one magazine*
*Tune the 1911 to use lead bullets*
Magazine release refitted and tuned
and Match springs installed*
*Trigger job on Wild Bunch package-
trigger pull is set from 3 1/2 pounds to 4 pounds*

Wild Bunch Package $175

Trigger jobs only -
Standard job  3 1/4 pounds to 4 pounds $75
Extreme light job  2 pounds to 2 1/2 pounds  $175 on most 1911 models