Custom springs for your Cowboy Action Shotguns

Get 'em here, folks, because you probably won't find them anywhere else... My custom made choke tubes for your Stoeger Shotguns are only $23 each plus shipping. And, in addition, I've got custom made hammer springs and lever springs for Stoeger, and Browning BSS Shotguns, $10 each, plus shipping. Also, check out my Titanium Firing Pin Kit (includes Hammer Spring) for Winchester Model 12, 12 ga Shotgun $54.95 and my Magazine Spring and Follower Kit for Winchester Model 12 $34.95.

Now available - Shotguns for Mounted Shooting, and Custom Action Jobs on Rifles and Pistols.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have 40 years experience in custom action jobs on competition guns. I specialize in:

* Cowboy Action
Side-by-Side Shotguns
*Colt SAA pistols & all clones
*Ruger SA pistols
*Marlin Lever Action Rifles
*Winchester Lever Action Rifles & Clones
*NRA Long Range Cowboy Silhouette Rifles


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I provide cowboy action shooters with my complete 8-point custom action job on their side-by-side shotguns.

*Recut barrel and install new front bead*

*Polish the chambers*

*Refit barrel lugs to receiver*

*Recut barrel face for easy loading*

*Open angle of barrel to receiver for faster reolads*

*Refit top lever and tune top lever spring for faster 2-shot strings*

*Re-adjust safety for cowboy action shooting*

*Refit and hone all internal parts and replace springs*

Price for a complete 8-point custom action job on your

Stoeger $165

Browning BSS S/S  $250

SKB  $250

Lengthen forcing cones on SXS  $80

Install Kick-Eez recoil pads to your length of pull $85

Mechanical Trigger conversion on SKB Shotguns $100 

Install screw-in chokes - price on request

Contact me for prices on all guns in my current inventory-

Browning BSS, SKB, Model 100, Model 200E, Stoeger SXS and Winchester Shotguns

Complete 8 Point Action Job on 
Winchester Model 12 Shotguns

*Recut Barrel and install new front bead*

*Hone & polish barrel & chamber*

*Hone & polish magazine*

*Tune the ejector*

*Tune the extractors*

*Install Titanium Firing Pin Kit &

Magazine Spring and Follower Kit*

*Polish and refit internal parts*

*Straighten slide rod and lighten action*

Complete 8-Point Custom Action Job 

on your Winchester Model 12 Shotgun  $265

Recut barrel and install new front bead only  $50

Lengthen forcing cones only  $50
Get ahold of me for all your cowboy action gunsmithing.

My turn-around time on action jobs is 4 weeks.

My shipping address for UPS, USPS and FedEx is:

Fred Bursey, Jr.

Goatneck Gunsmithing
1525 Boaz Rd
Haslet, Texas 76052

Goatneck Clem
Cowboy action shotguns
in my current inventory.

I handle your cowboy action shotguns for installation of
Ken Rucker's Old West-Buster (TM)
Special Cowboy Action Recoil Reduction System
Click HERE to see how it lessens recoil and 
allows you a faster second shot to improve your time

I also provide a 7-point custom action job on single action revolvers:

*Set timing and retune*
*Open forcing cone to 11 degrees*
*Install custom competition springs*
*Square barrel face*
*Set trigger pull to 2 1/2 lbs or customer request*
*Polish and refit all internal parts*
*Check cylinder gap and headspace*

Complete job on all single action revolvers $135

Adjust point of aim $25

And let's not forget the lever action rifles-
Original Marlins and Winchesters
Marlin Model 94s
Winchester Model 73s, 92s, 94s & 86s
All Lever Action clones

Complete custom action job on all lever action rifles
Starting at $165

Custom trigger jobs on NRA Cowboy Long Range Silhouette Rifles - Trigger job $75
These services adapt your Wild Bunch 1911 and clones
to Traditional and Modern class competition.

My 8-Point Wild Bunch Package for
Colt 1911s and clones:

*Polish feed ramp*
*Throating the barrel*
*Tune the extractor*
*Tune the ejector*
*Tuning one magazine*
*Tune the 1911 to use lead bullets*
Magazine release refitted and tuned
and Match springs installed*
*Trigger job on Wild Bunch package-
trigger pull is set from 3 1/2 pounds to 4 pounds*

Wild Bunch Package $175

Trigger jobs only -
Standard job  3 1/4 pounds to 4 pounds $75
Extreme light job  2 pounds to 2 1/2 pounds  $175 on most 1911 models